HBL – for kids or adults?

If you have survived the recent Home Based Learning as part of the Circuit Breaker, it'd be great to hear about your experience, and share your thoughts on this online teaching/learning method. Here's a shoutout to all the teachers who have made this possible. Thank you for giving your best in making this work for… Continue reading HBL – for kids or adults?

Mind Reading no more

Had to reset my LandLease account recently and was pleased to be greeted with this screen when asked to create a new password. This is a good example of how password setting has been designed well - when users don't have to read the company's mind and guess the password requirement. Instead, we are told… Continue reading Mind Reading no more

Email vs Icon

Was previewing my site the other day and decided to swap the email icon for my full email instead. Two key reasons for the change: Though the icon looks cleaner and sleeker, the clickable surface area is actually quite small. This means more effort in moving the mouse to hover accurately over the icon on… Continue reading Email vs Icon


At some point, I noticed I was always fascinated by the small little design decisions around me. Ones that made sense, ones that did not make sense. That's when I figured: heck, I should start a journal on this. A documentation of all these design decisions around us in our daily lives. Because UX transcends… Continue reading Hi.