Where’s the Tissue?

Attended a friend’s wedding recently at a hotel and was washing hands in the washroom when I started looking for tissue to dry my hands after.

I looked at the mirror first and saw no tissue icon, so I bent down and saw no sign of tissue either – I assumed this indicated the hotel probably did not provide tissue. However, when I took a step back from the sink, there was a trash hole under each sink. So I looked around, bent down again, and true enough, there was tissue peeking out from the other mirrors on the other side.

When my friend was washing her hands too, she asked the same question “No tissue?” When I pulled it out from behind the mirror, her surprised response was “Couldn’t tell, usually there will be icons for the soap dispenser and tissue or dryer. I thought they don’t provide tissue.” As I observed other ladies at the sinks, most of them looked at the mirrors for clues before they walk away. Some might then notice from the further distance those peeking tissues from other mirrors and walk back to get one, or two.

On a separate occasion, when I was using the washroom at a shopping mall, I noticed the design was similar with no tissue icon, and just a trash hole under the sink.

Mall toilet

Is this an environmental effort by these hotels and malls to reduce tissue paper consumption? If people can’t see it, and they don’t bother to find it, then they won’t use it? Was the trash hole under each sink meant to be a replacement but more subtle visual cue for the tissue icon?