Mind Reading no more

Had to reset my LandLease account recently and was pleased to be greeted with this screen when asked to create a new password. This is a good example of how password setting has been designed well – when users don’t have to read the company’s mind and guess the password requirement.

Instead, we are told upfront what the requirements are, and we are even given visual feedback (outlined circle becomes filled with a tick) when we have fulfilled them. There is also a good use of colours to communicate the purpose without having to explicitly label them – the words are slightly transparent at first and becomes solid white once the user fulfils the respective requirement. Simple, effective, and elegant.

Too often, we are unaware of the requirements. We discover them by trying our luck for the first time and getting rejected. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to go through the second time successfully. More often, though, we return to the same error message and are left wondering what our mistake was. We try again, and again, depending on how lucky and accurate we are. This can get rather frustrating and if it is not something critical, I usually ditch the app altogether.

That aside, I also wonder if we can remove ‘Confirm New Password’ since there is already the ability to show/hide the password entered via the eye-icon. This makes the field redundant as password masking is no longer applicable here.

Interestingly, I found this site http://passwordmasking.com/ as I was reading up on password design best practices. The impact of password design on trust is worth keeping in mind as this could potentially affect sign-up/conversion rates.